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Girl Let Me Tell You! :: Book
Lauren Lake

Girl Let Me Tell You! :: Book

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Girl! Let Me Tell a witty, candid, hilariously insightful look at the lives of single successful women and how they deal with everything from men, dating and relationships, to their own expectations, feelings of loneliness, and the pursuit of their dreams. Author and relationship expert, Lauren Lake, gets down to the nitty-gritty on issues pertaining to life and love by answering burning questions posed by concerned singles. Lake comes armed with the same point blank, down-to-earth perspective, relatable tone, and tell-it-like-it-is brand of humor that earned her notoriety as an outspoken legal analyst, no-non-sense relationship expert, and motivational speaker. Girl! Let Me Tell You... reads like a conversation between girlfriends, so full of questions, commentary, confessions, confrontation and comic relief, it leaves the reader better equipped to handle the inevitable challenges and disappointments of singlehood and become more confident in her ability to reach her own conclusions about life and love.


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